Pastor Frank Ellington

Administration & Education


Pastor Frank came to GRBC in March 2015. Since 2002, he has pastored churches in Central and Eastern North Carolina. He is a graduate of The College at Southeastern and also Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. 

As our Pastor of Education & Administration, he oversees our Connect Group Ministry, Children's Ministries, Prayer Ministry, Facilities & Operations, helps with preaching and teaching, and Global Missions strategies. He strives to preach and teach the Bible in the power of the Holy Spirit, to connect people to the Scriptures and explain things in such a way that people from all walks of life can understand.  

People God has used to shape him:

Danny Akin, Brent Aucoin, Lassere Bradley Jr, Jerry Bridges, Tim Burgess, R. Logan Carson, Patricia Ellington (aunt), D.A. Horton, Al James, Ken Keathley, Erwin Lutzer, 

J. Vernon McGee, Jon Owens, Donnie Perkinson, John Piper, David Platt, Matt Queen, Matt Smith, Charles Stanley, and Paul Washer. 

Things he often says in teaching ministry:

"Make much of what the Bible makes much-of." 

"I don't struggle with the things in the Bible that I don't understand. My struggle is with the things that  I do understand very clearly..."


Frank and his wife, Giovanna, were married in 2004 and have been blessed with three children: Sara ('07), Ingrid ('08), and Isaac ('11). Giovanna is from Peru and she enjoys healthy diet and exercise, hiking, traveling, cooking Peruvian cuisine, and caring for her family. Frank enjoys history, nature, working in his yard, coaching basketball, doing simple things with his family, and traveling to new places.